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 Welcome aboard let’s get started.  What Go Pro should you buy and why let’s organize some of this or better yet clean it up all together here we go ready there we go much better let’s get started with today’s post I’m going to talk to you about which Go Pro you should buy and why you should buy that particular Go Pro. I will also briefly discuss should you get a Go Pro is a Go Pro the right camera for you before we get started it’s a little bit colder in my studio than I thought so let me change real quick okay much better the first question that I said I would answer is should you even get a Go Pro camera there are a lot of other handy cams out there are there video camcorders for the family that you could choose so why would you want to get a Go Pro. Let me talk about what kind of a person you are very quickly what kind of a parent you are if you’ve seen Go Pro running a few campaigns right now called capture different is this really playing with your kid don’t stop what you’re doing to capture what you’re doing and I think that that perfectly explains why I think the Go Pro is the best family camera because the Go Pro rather than taking you out of the action with your flip out screen and your zoom in and out it puts you in the action. It forces you almost to be part of the action because of its wide angle lens and the lack of zooms and things that people consider drawbacks to the camera I actually love that because I don’t have the excuse that I can stand off to the side and sit on a park bench and just film  kids playing. I have to get out there and play with them its mountable in so many places so you can put it on your kids and get crazy funny perspectives that you couldn’t get any other way.

I would say for me if you’re the parent that wants to be involved that wants to get out and play and interact with your kids and be part of the action you absolutely want to go with the Go Pro that’s a very simple and quick answer to these should you get a Go Pro to me I’ve always said it’s just a matter of do you want to being the action or do you want to stand on the side watching the action if you want to be in it then you want to get the Go Pro absolutely really quick why should you reading my post I’m just a dude in a fancy suit talking to a Go Pro camera. So why should you reading about which Go Pros you get in why well let me give you a quick little history of my street credibility when it comes to Go Pro about to have to go pro montage you didn’t play okay. I have been featured as the Go Pro.

 I have a lot of experience over years of time with many different cameras many different accessories but that’s enough about us that’s enough about me.

Now let’s talk about which camera you should get.  First of all I’m going to be talking about three different models in particular or if you consider the two varieties of the hero session so for the purposes of this post.

 Let’s focus on three main models okay you have your hero4 silver or black I really am only going to talk about the silver because you should not get the hero4 black that’s not a knock on the hero4 black but there’s absolutely no good reason anymore to get a hero4 black the session which comes in the hero session and you hear a 5 session variety. And the hero5 black this one which one should you get and why would you get one over another.

Go Pro Hero 4

Let’s start out from the beginning this is the hero4 silver this for a very longtime was my absolute favorite camera go pro has ever come out with it is unbelievable and for the most of us who are the regular family folk we are going to be shooting in 1080 so this maxes out at about 2.7K.

If you want to shoot a useable 30 frames per second but if you want to go into 4k you can do that at 15 frames per second you’ll never use it. If you’re looking at this you’re looking at this because it shoots in glorious 1080 at 60 frames a second.

 Hero4 silver right now is the most affordable camera you can find it on a number of really good deals something immediately that people will love about this one is it does have the LCD touchscreen on the back which allows you to preview and set up your shots you can also change menu settings. This was a welcome addition to the Go Pro line up the first time they ever had this was in this hero4 silver it does have the waterproof housing that comes with it pros LCD touchscreen very affordable the Go Pro form factor very small mountable. You can use it in a number of situations so I absolutely love this.

 I would say that if you are just getting started you have a tight budget this is a great way to start it’s a phenomenal start you will not be disappointed with this camera some of the drawbacks of this one though and it’s going to be the number one drawback is that within the waterproof housing your audio is going to be garbage I’m just going to best rate up it’s going to be garbage. I actually have on here what’s called the skeleton housing it’s got holes in the side so that you can get some audio through here. I most typically use the frame mount if I’m going to use a hero for this takes the housing completely off.  It so you can get audio directly into the mics that would be the main drawback of the hero4 silver. Also much as this touch screen is awesome. It’s actually been pretty outdated by the newer interface. It’s a little bit clunky not nearly as nice as the newer model so if your budget is small you don’t mind a little bit older tech you can get a great deal on one of these next on a list as we move up.

Go Pro Hero5

 I’m going to talk about the hero session so there’s a hero session in the hero5 session. let’s talk about first the hero session this is now Go Pros entry model to the Go Pro line up it is only a hundred and ninety-nine dollars obviously the very first thing you’ll notice is the form factor it’s a small cube it’s incredibly versatile you can put it literally anywhere I’m trying to think of weird places that I put this not weird but I put this in you can’t say that this little guy is freaking addicting and I’m not kidding Go Pro sent me one of these and I started using it thinking oh that’s cute I’ll use it for on-the-go keep in my glove box something like that I couldn’t stop using it because it is just too simple it is one button control you push this button it will power on start shooting video you push that button again it will power off and it will stop shooting video the battery lasts for like. I have gone an entire weekend without charging one of these the battery is unreal now the battery is not replaceable on this so the battery is internal you flip open the side door and you’ve charged the actual unit itself. So you can’t if the battery dies you can’t take another battery swap it out and then keep going and filming you’ve got to actually stop everything and charge. It up this is completely waterproof without a housing it is the coolest design the feel is amazing. I get excited just playing with it biggest drawback for those of you who want to see what you’re filming you cannot do that physically on the camera of course you can take the companion app the Go Pro has sync it up now we’re doing that right now with this shoot right here you can see but you can do that same thing with this so.

If you wanted to you can grab your phone sync it up to this and you can frame up your shots see what you’re shooting you can even change settings all kinds of things with that app but you’re not going to have the ability as you’re aiming at something to see what you’re filming but with the Go Pro that’s the beauty of it that’s another thing that I’ve always said I love about Go Pro. If you point it in the general direction of the action you’re going to get the shot it’s just that kind of a camera it’s ultra-wide-angle it just really captures everything as long as you’ve got it pointed in general direction you’ll get the shot you want so there’s not a really big problem that with not being able to frame it up this one the hero session now again we’ll talk about the hero five session

I highly recommend this the fact that it’s only two hundred dollars and you can have on-the-go action camera that is so versatile like this and you still get that quality. It’s absolutely unreal so this is like my high recommendation for entry-level.

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